Lecture – Discussion on “Values” at Diachroniki Gallery Friday 15.9.17 7.30μμ

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A lecture – discussion on “Values” On Friday 15.9.17 at 7.30pm

Speaker Dr. Yiannis Christodulou, lecturer in Philosophy.

Address: Arsinois 84 (Opposite H&M Ledras), Nicosia 1011
Telephone: +357 22680145
Email: diachroniki@cytanet.com.cy
Website: www.diachroniki.com

Biography of Yiannis Christodoulou

 Dr Ioannis Christodoulou was born in Patra of Greece in 1969. He is the president of the Bioethics committee which evaluates Biomedicine and Clinical research on behalf of the Cyprus ministry of Health.

 He is a visiting professor of Philosophy at C.I.I.M of Nicosia. He taught Philosophy at Cyprus University (2002 – 2017). At the Greek Open University he taught Greek Civilization (2000 – 2014). He also taught at the Higher Academy of Teaching and Technical Education, at New York College and the European University of Cyprus.

The published works of Dr Christodoulou include essays in scientific periodicals, books in Greece and other countries, and translations of ancient Greek and European philosophers.

Learn more about Dr. Ioannis Christodoulou on the website: who is who