Retrospective exhibition of Les Palin at Diachroniki Gallery 6/10/17 – 27/10/2017

Cyprus Events

A retrospective exhibition of paintings and sculpture by the great English painter and sculptor Les Palin.

Opening Friday 6.10.17 at 7.30pm

Duration 6.10.2017 – 27.10.17

Open daily 10.00 – 19.00

Address:  Arsinois 84 1010 Nicosia
Tel: 22680145


When I last spoke to Les Palin he talked freely about his work and the artists who influenced him. He spoke passionately about the water colours of Turner, Cezanne and Japanese painters such as Hokusai, Utamaro and Hiroshige.
He had studied the drawings of Renaissance and the paintings of Dutch and North Western artists, amongst whom were Rembrandt, Schiele, Klimt, and Reubens. Drawing is the probity of his art, as can be seen in his drawings of women. It is clear how much he appreciates the sheer bounty and beauty of the female form. Here you see the movement, rhythm, form and mass depicted in the charcoal drawings of Suzi, Cathy, and other unknown women immortalized by the skill of a passionate artist.
Les is also a consummate water colourist. His colours – bright, vivid and joyous, evoke the atmosphere and environment of the place, whether it is Cyprus or any other country.
Perhaps the most arresting works are his bronzes, reminiscent of those of Degas, which have a monumental quality.
Without doubt he is an artist of the world – cosmopolitan, and he cannot be categorized as an artist of one country.
Most of the paintings of women in Cyprus are those whom he rubs shoulders with at the Bania in Paphos.
He spends part of his working life in Paphos and the rest in his native London, where he has a studio.