Paskalis Anastasi is a painter of the plein-air  technique, painting out-doors and attempting to capture that elusive moment when time appears to stand still. Embracing this concept wholeheartedly, it has become an important feature in his works. The spontaneity and vivacity of his painting technique and his devotion to the close observation of nature has been the focus of most of his art.

Paskalis is very much influenced by the Impressionists and their contemporaries, whose works he describes as being trans-modern, a timeless expression in an ever-changing world. His paintings invite the viewer to enter a world where angst and sadness are absent, concentrating on their refreshing and uplifting quality.

Paskalis was born on the 29th of September 1965 and grew up in Cyprus in the village of Derynia, Famagusta until he was nine years old and spent the next seventeen years in England, studying at Loughborough College of Art and most recently at Wolverhampton University. It is his beloved Island of Cyprus that holds the key to his passion for landscape, genre and portrait painting in oils.


1965: Born in London to Cypriot parents and grew up in Derynia (Famagusta), Cyprus.

1974: Returned to London and continued primary education in English.

1983-87: Studied Art and Graphic Design at Barnet College and Loughborough. College of Art and Design with HND in Graphic Design.

1990: Returned to Cyprus, living and working near the small mountain village of  Vavla, Larnaka.

2009-10: Travelled to the UK to graduate with BA (Hons) Fine Art at Wolverhampton University.



2015:  Diachroniki Gallery Nicosia Cyprus
2014, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009: Diachroniki Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2008: Peter’s Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus
2008: Kyklos Gallery, Pafos, Cyprus
2007: Aspelia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus
2006, 2005: Diachroniki Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus


2013:  Kipriaki Gonia (small works), Larnaca, Cyprus
2013, 2012: Larnaca Municipal Art Gallery, Cyprus
2012: Plyos Museum of Landscape Art, Russia
2010: IndigoJack Open, Nuneaton, UK

Permanent Display

Diachroniki Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

Private Collections

Works are currently held in private collections in Cyprus and abroad including Greece, UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
The former Ambassador of the United States to Cyprus, Ronald Schlicher.
The British Ambassador to Cyprus, Mathew Kidd.
The Iranian Embassy to Cyprus.
The former Cyprus Minister of Health, Christos Patsalides.
The National Collection of Works by Cypriot Artists.
Wolverhampton University.
The Rt Hon Lord Paul.
The Museum of Modern Art of Rhodes.

Member of EKATE (Chamber of Fine Arts Cyprus). 

Video from the Last exhibition 2015

Paintings by Paskalis Anastasi

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