Vasilis Mitas was born in Nicosia in 1965, and showed a keen interest and talent in art from early childhood. He took lessons in painting from the artist Andreas Charalambous for three years and for a further three years with Lefteris Economou. He then went on to study at the school of Fine Arts at the Aristotelian University of Salonica. Since then he has worked exclusively as an artist in Nicosia.

Solo Exhibitions

1. Gallery Opus 39, Nicosia 1992
2. Gallery Skali , Aglandjia 1994
3. Gallery Zone, Adelaide, Australia 1995
4. Gallery Amorgos, Aglandjia 1996
5. Theatro Technis, London 1997
6. Gallery Gloria, Nicosia 2001
7. Gallery Diachroniki, Nicosia 2002
8. Gallery Diachroniki, Nicosia 2003
9. Gallery Diachroniki, Nicosia 2004
10. Gallery Gloria, Nicosia 2005
11. Gallery Diachroniki, Nicosia 2006
12. Gallery Diachroniki, Nicosia 2007

Group Exhibitions

Gallery Skali, Aglandjia  1994

Salonica, Athens, Kalamata Exhibition   2000

Oktana, Nicosia  2000

Other works

Restoration and icon decoration at the Latin Church, Nicosia                                        1998

Embossed bronze gates at the Maronite Churches of Anthoupolis and Kotsiatis          2000-2001

Paintings by Vasilis Mittas

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