Exhibition “Reflections” by George Gavriel at Diachroniki Gallery Friday 6 March 2020 at 19.30p.m.

Dear Friends,

You are invited to an Exhibition of paintings by George Gavriel entitled “Reflections” on Friday 6.3.20at19.30p.m.

During the opening Reception the artist will be delighted to discuss his works with customers and other art lovers.

Duration: 6-3-2020 – 15-6-2020

Address: Arsinoes 84, 1010 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: 22680145
Fax: 22680146
Email: diachroniki@cytanet.com.cy
Website: www.diachroniki.com

PRESS RELEASE- George Gavriel paintings Exhibition “Reflections” 6-26 March 2020

The opening of the above exhibition is the outcome of the artist’s preoccupation with the subject over recent years.

His conviction is that Art is man’s creative expression characterized by a unique attribute, the appeal it has on our senses which activates both our mind and feelings.

The creator himself imprints on his works his mental state, feelings, ideas, life experiences, nostalgia, reflections and vision.

Even though the artist’s latest work deals with Cyprus through his usual optical angle and aesthetic criteria, its new touch transfers us to a dreamlike, fantastic world, where the rocks of our History march along, laden with our people engaging in their daily routines, our nature and our monuments. In his new works realistic elements merge with compositions with multiple surrealistic features and symbolisms, transferring us to an unreal but still intimate and familiar world.

Over the years George Gavriel’s work is characterized by the simplicity in the media he uses, and in the clarity and restricted movement of his figures. His works have solid structure without any unnecessary chatter, decors and redundant features. They take you directly into the essence of their theme through his high ability in drawing, composition, and use of colour. His own personal style renders his work uniquely recognizable.

The feature which stands out most in his works and makes his art distinct and personal, revealing his great talent, is his highly developed sense for composing his elements in space with sensitivity and subtle balancing, creating a feeling of peace and tranquility. He never tries to impress with cheap shows of originality or useless experimentation. Through his simple and substantive approach, he achieves an in depth and esoteric rendering of each composition. He develops his own language of expression, adopting elements of modernism and postmodernism. His continuous self doubt and questioning is the main cause for his constant improvement.

George Gavriel graduated from the famous Fine Arts academy Surikov of Moscow in 1987 after seven years of study. He taught art in State Secondary Schools in Cyprus, followed by ten years as Inspector of Art in such schools. He was a member of the Art committee of The Theater Organization of Cyprus. In 2013 he was awarded the Cyprus State Prize in Illustration. He took part in the Peking Biennale of 2010, 2012, 2017, 2019, and in the 2019 Biennale of Moldavia. One of his paintings was bought by the National Museum of Art of China. He had 13 solo exhibitions, and took part in many group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.