George Gavriel was born in Kookkinotrimithia in 1959. His artistic inclination was evident early on when he painted themes from his primary school favorite books, and sketched portraits of his classmates and friends.

After finishing his secondary school studies and during his military service, he developed his technique by making numerous drawings of the people of Cyprus.

On completing his military service he went on a scholarship to the famous Fine Arts Academy Surikov in Moscow. He started work at the monumental art workshop under professor Klavdia Alexandrovna Tutivol, who is well known to the Cyprus art loving public.

He graduated from the academy in 1987 receiving the Master of Fine Arts Diploma. He then returned to Cyprus where he is working as an artist and as an art teacher.

Comment on the artist from Klavdia A. Tutivol, artist and professor that the Academy of Fine Arts Surikov of Moscow : ΄΄ George Gavriel is modest, serious and hardworking and manages to assimilate instructions given to him. His work is original and personal and this in art is a great asset. The road to the top is long and difficult but this young artist steps forward with confidence and careful planning . Before George Gavriel there are great prospects in the world of art ΄΄. 

Prints by George Gavriel 

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