I first met Kyriacos in the early 90’s when many of his works were about Cyprus and its people, such as The Harvest, Threshing Wheat, the Olive Press, and the mosaic with Cypriot Mothers behind the statue of Makarios in Akaki village. The success of these works points us to his original talent, to his excellent training at the Surikov Academy in Moscow, and his deep knowledge of the subject.
His restless and tireless spirit led him to create a wide range of works purchased by many art lovers and institutions. At the heart of his artistic creation is the Human Being and the search for a meaningful life. His preoccupation with Metaphysics does not prevent him from being a pragmatist who boldly and vigorously faces the problems of everyday life, with an uncompromising stance on matters of principle. 

Prints by Kyriakos Tamaras

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