Ludmila Yuga


Graphic artist, painter, book illustrator works in the technique of etching, monotyping, watercolor, oil painting.


Since 1983 – Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Since 2004 – Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.
Since 2016 – Corresponding Member of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts, since 2016 – Academician of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture.
Since 2017 – Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts.
In 1974 – She graduated from the graphic faculty of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (class of Prof. Andrei Goncharov and Peter Zakharov).
Since 1975 – Participant of numerous regional, republican, all-Russian and international exhibitions and competitions.

The graphic handwriting of Lyudmila Yuga is recognized by special dynamism, firmness and determination of lines, by active rhythms. She is not just an experienced master of etching, but a professional who has different styles of etching, working technically and competently.

Reflecting on his craft, the artist is convinced that the most important and relevant topic will not find a way to the heart of the viewer, if the works do not have a deep idea, thoughtful conception and professional mastery.

Creative imagination of Ludmila is nourished by deep knowledge of Russian history spiritual searches of Russian philosophers, dynamically changing time and nature itself. Often, the emergence of new works associated with travel and creative expeditions (Series of works: “The Land of Byzantium,” “Cyprus of the Orthodox,” “For the countries of Southeast Asia (ASEAN)”). The material collected in such travels (pictorial, historical and spiritual) becomes the basis of future works. Sometimes impressions capture the artist for a long time, and then whole cycles or series of graphic sheets appear. The idea of a person’s connection with the world and his moral responsibility to him, the interpenetration of cultures are revealed in such series very consistently, with the conviction of an active nature. Through the prism of time and continuity of history, the artist considers the theme of outgoing monuments, rightly believing that the moral health of society is inextricably linked with a careful attitude to the culture of the past. That is why in many sheets of Ludmila Yuga there is a feeling of sadness, pain for the departing antiquities, for the loss of monuments of civilization.

Lyudmila Yuga is close to the literary-centric expression of his ideas, hence the so significant achievements in the art of book illustration. In recent years in the works of Lyudmila South, Orthodox intonations have sounded, which finds an explanation in the processes of growth of national self-awareness that take place in Russia. Its aesthetic attachments here are quite definite: Russia, its cultural heritage and traditions.

According to the famous writer, a member of the Presidential Council for Culture, Valentin Kurbatov – “Lyudmila Yuga is an artist of the weekday of our destiny and faith. It does not rush, does not pursue the novelty of the language, does not burn with an ambitious desire for indispensable artistic discoveries, but lives the high spirit of tradition and itself is the living soil of the Russian light, the earth and the sky of life, the “stone” on which the artistic history of Russia stands. “

Lyudmila Yuga conducts extensive, highly professional book publishing and artistic and polygraphic activities. In his creative workshop, more than 20 major illustrated editions of albums and catalogs were published and personally by Lyudmila, including the Information Yearbooks (for 2006-2017) by the Union of Artists of Russia.


In 2011, her personal exhibitions took place in the museum of the monastery of the Nilo-Stolobenskaya Desert, in the Starytsky Holy Dormition Monastery, in Tver, the exhibition “Mikhail Tverskoy.” In 2012 Lyudmila winner of the Internet exhibition, “1812” (gallery “”).

In 2013 – participation in the regional exhibition “Artists of the Tver land” (Tver). Personal exhibition “On the road to truth. (Dedicated to the 1025th anniversary of the baptism of Rus). “

In 2014, she participated in the All-Russia Art Exhibition “RUSSIA-XII” (Moscow), in the V All-Russian Exhibition of Fine Arts “Revival” dedicated to the 700th anniversary of St. Petersburg. Sergius of Radonezh (Ryazan). Personal exhibition for the 200th anniversary of Yu. Lermontov.

In 2015 – International Art Exhibition “VICTORY 2015”, personal exhibition “Book Projects” (Tver), exhibition-report on creative expeditions to the countries of South-East Asia (Tver), personal exhibition “Wind from the East” in Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Moscow), a solo exhibition at the Russian Literature Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushkin’s House) “Reminds me of the past …” (St. Petersburg).

Lyudmila Yuga actively participates in the artistic and public life of the region. Over the years, a member of the board of the Tver Regional Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, the Chairman of the Graphic Commission. Actively participates in charitable activities, constantly conducts master classes with children in the Assumption Monastery in the city of Staritsa (Tver region), a member of the jury of the regional contest of children’s art. Together with the St. Petersburg Center for Humanitarian Programs in 2014 – 2017. organized a number of picturesque plein airs of Russian and foreign artists on the monasteries and temples of the Tver region.


She was awarded the Medal of the Order “For Services to the Fatherland” (2011) the Patriarchal Medal in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812 (for a series of graphic works), the gold medal of the All-Russian Creative Public Organization Union of Artists of Russia “Traditions. Spirituality. Mastery “(2012).

She was awarded with the diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts for her participation in the exhibition Golden Ring of Russia, the bronze medal of the First World Exhibition of Mini Print and Ex-libris in China (Beijing, 1998), the Triennale de’Art du Livre (France, 1994), the laureate Award of the Governor of the Tver region for works of fine art; winner of the IX All-Russian competition of the publishing council of the Russian Orthodox Church “Enlightenment through the book” in the nomination “Best Illustrated Book” for the publishing project ” Saint Iov – the first Russian patriarch ” (2014). 

Aquatint Prints by Lyudmila Yuga

Etching Prints of Lyudmila Yuga 

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