Yiannis Pelekanos born in the village of Assia in 1937, he started painting from an early age. Even though he was an outstanding pupil at the Primary school, financial hardship forced him to take up a job as a brick layer. He did not stop painting, however, and in July 1974 he had completed 24 paintings, which had to be left behind, when he fled his home as a refugee.

Inexhaustible sources of inspiration for the artist are the People, the Tradition, and the History of Cyprus, mainly through his own personal experiences. As he says: “ Others express themselves through words, poetry or music, whereas I immortalize with Painting what has been lost and what is disappearing for ever.” He expresses the toil of the farmers in the fields through the harvest, winnowing, planting; the daily chores of women at home as in the making of bread, halloumi and preparing fithes; the process of pairing a couple, from their being spoken for to their betrothal and wedding.”

Yiannis Pelekanos is an authentic folk artist ,who renders the real world of Cyprus with spontaneity, simplicity, and no undue embellishment; a world which struggles, endures, and aspires to a better life.

He says characteristically about his work. Some people write in words and make literature, some write in verses and make poetry, others in notes and make music. I paint and present the history of my country, its culture and its natural beauties.

Women’s domestic chores like baking. Farmer’s chores out in the fields. Scenes of Cypriot religious life, marriages and festivities.

The artist has had 27 solo exhibitions already. His works are to be found in the Presidential Palace, the Municipality of Larnaca, Embassies, and many Private collections in Cyprus and abroad.

Prints by Yiannis Pelekanos 

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