Born 19 December 1968 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


1987: Graduated from Panagiouriste Technical School with Specialization in Optics and Optical Systems.

1992: Graduated from Plovdiv University in Robotics.

2007: Graduated from Harokopeion University, Athens, in Household Economy and Ecology.

1992-1994: clerk in an Advertising Company.

1994-1997: Worked as a painter with the artist Ivan Dimitrov, Santo Stephano Gallery in Bologna.

1999-2001: Assistant at Dexippos Gallery, Athens.

2001-2008: Illustrator for Children Books with Pataki, Chatziliakos, Kastoras, Kastaniotis and Ankyra Publications and Nea and Eleftherotypia Newspapers.

2001-2008: As Painter with Diachroniki Gallery Nicosia.

2008: to date: Teacher of Household Economy in Secondary Schools in Salonica.


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