Documentary on The Art of North Spain and Live Cyprus Music at DIACHRONIKI GALLERY, Wednesday 29.6.22 8.00p.m.

Dear Friends,

You are invited to a talk and a documentary on North Spanish Art, on the cool roof garden of Diachroniki Gallery, on Wednesday 29.6.22 at 8.00pm.
During the even we will listen to Cyprus Music by Giannis Koutis.

Please let us know if you are coming to reserve a place for you.

With Best Regards,

Chris Kikas

Giannis Koutis

Born in Nicosia Cyprus, Giannis Koutis studied Byzantine Ecclesiastical, Classical Guitar and Oud the with the virtuoso Oud player Haig Yazdjian. He completed his Master studies on Ottoman Music at Codarts Conservatory for the Arts (Rotterdam, NL) with the neyzen master Kudsi Erguner (UNESCO Artist for Peace). Giannis has performed in Hong Kong, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Las Palmas, Venice, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Swisserland, Israel, Cyprus etc. collaborating along the way with Kudsi Erguner, Ross Daly, Omar Farouk Tekbilek and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra among many others. He actively researches in the field of Modal Music of the Eastern Mediterranean, focusing mainly in sources of unpublished manuscripts of Monasteries’ archives.

The performance will present the colors of the Modal Music of the Eastern Mediterranean, filtered through a more contemporary perception. The voice of the Oud, one of the most ancient stringed instruments, blended with the human voice will be the means of expressing and combining elements of Western and Eastern traditions, highlighting somehow the unique character of Cyprus’s geographical crossroad.