Exhibition of paintings by Nefeli Ptohopoulou entitled “Musical World” at Diachroniki Gallery Tuesday 15.5.18 – 31.5.18 at 20.00pm

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Dear Friends,

You are invited to an exhibition of paintings by Nefeli Ptohopoulou entitled “Musical World”, on Tuesday 15.5.18 at 20.00pm.

Duration of the exhibition 15.5. – 31.5.18.

Open daily 10.00 – 19.00

Address: Arsinois 84 (Opposite H&M Ledras), Nicosia 1011
Telephone: +357 22680145
Email: diachroniki@cytanet.com.cy
Website: www.diachroniki.com


She was born in Larnaca in 1983.

She grew up in an artistic environment with her father Petros Ptohopoulos being an accomplished artist, whose paintings are displayed among other places in eleven National Galleries as

well. ‘My father inspired and guided me, but my innate love for Art was always in me’, says the young artist.

Nefeli studied at the Fine Art Academy at the Aristotelian University of Salonica, a city which she loved dearly and which determined her artistic identity. ‘My father and the studies in Salonica were instrumental in shaping my course in Art, but I believe that while an artist is still alive he continues to learn, develop, improve and change.’


  • 2015 Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca
  • 2013 Tonia Gallery, Limassol
  • 2013 Cultural Centre, Aradippou
  • 2012 Cultural Centre, Aradippou
  • 2010 Museum Theasis, Larnaca
  • 2009 Municipal Gallery, Larnaca
  • 2008 KNDS, Nicosia
  • 2007 Aspelia Gallery, Larnaca

Paintings of the Exhibition